Saturday, October 15, 2016

Off Cam For a While

Hey guys. Many already know this but some don't so here it goes. From Saturday until later next week or next weekend I won't be on cam. I'm moving. Need time to settle and unpack. You don't have to miss me too much though. Here are all the places you can find me. Off cam tips or gifts can be sent if you're feeling generous.


My October/Halloween raffle is still going on. You can buy your raffle tickets HERE.
My profile is HERE.


A contest is on my profile. Check it out for full details on prizes. Can also find my videos for sale, pics, my store, fund me, text me and more. My profile is HERE.


Join my fanclub on iFriends. 5+ years of my content and you cal call me too. My profile is HERE.
OR check out some of these sexy ladies that are live on cam while I'm away HERE.

I'll see you guys back on cam asap. Thank you for all the love you give! xo 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nela On MyFreeCams

Guess what guys? You have another cam site to see me live. Been on myfreecams for about 3weeks. Wanted to familiarize myself with the site for a little while 1st before I announced it here. It's a lot of fun. Many different ways you can show me love on there. 

In the gallery section of my profile, click on TIP MENU to see some of the many ways you can see more and play.  Even have fun games we can play. It's all based on tokens you send me. It's only about $0.10 cents/per token. So if you buy 200 tokens, it's only $19.99! 

Hope you see you guys there! Here's my room.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Miss IFriends 2016

For those who aren't  a member of my fan club and don't subscribe to my newsletter in it, this is for you! There's a contest going on all month where iFriends will award the top cam model with the most votes as Miss iFriends for 2017. All my loyal people, new and old vote for me!

Until August 31st, you can vote once a day. Best part is, you don't have to be a member of the site nor my fan club to vote for me. You can vote once per/day. If you are a member of the site or my fan club you can also buy extra votes as many times as you want. To do so, click on the tip me tab and enter an amount. Minimum is $5. So $5 = 5 extra votes.

Here's a screenshot of my fan club so you know what it looks like. Click on the tab I circled to vote for me when you are in my fan club.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 2016 Event

This event will take place over several days.

1st Event: Friday May 28th 8 pm EST. - Sunday May 29th 7:59 pm EST.

2nd Event: Sunday May 30th 8 pm EST. - Tuesday May 31st 7:59 pm EST.

During these days, I'll have reduced private premium rates for shows. There is a contest on each event where the top 200 cam models get prizes. So this is your time for you to help me help you for a lower price haha. Prizes are anywhere from $25 to $2000! Everyone who spends a total of at least $100 in both private premium AND/OR private exclusive (That's $100 my share. The site takes a percentage), I'll send 4 videos to you. Videos include, foot fetish, dildos, titty fucking, titty play with spit and personal ones with my boyfriend.

 Go directly to this link to see if I'm live on cam now to play. If you're not a member yet, click on link to register for your free username/password. Nothing is charged until you go private for a show or send gold as a tip. Plus you don't have to buy any tokens or anything like that in advance to play. ----> I'll be tweeting about it ( with the hashtag #smmemorial

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Customer Appreciation Show - March

On March 10th from 3 - 3:30PM EST XXMAHOGANYXX will be hosting a fun and interactive customer appreciation show. To see it, all you have to do is click HERE!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Fling Contest

Every person who sends me gold or enters my private room for a show between March 7th at 8PM - March 9th at 7:59PM EST. will be helping me towards winning a cam site contest. The top 200 cam model earners will get bonuses. The top earner between those days and times get the top prize of $2 500!! Spoil your favorite cam model and help make it happen. I'm cool with just being in the top 200 though haha.

All you have to do to send gold or join me in my private room for a show when I'm live on cam is to 1st, sign up to the site and get your FREE username and password. Then enter my live cam room. You can use the following link to do both! CLICK HERE!

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 2015 Contest

Hey guys! Brand new contest this month I'd love all of you to help me win.

From Wednesday, December 23rd 8 PM EST. - Saturday, December 26th 7:59 PM EST is the contest times. Every dollar spent in my private room for a show. And every dollar sent as a tip in Gold will count! In other words, the top 200 models with the most money generated in those days/times gets cash prizes.

Here's the breakdown:

1st place = $5000
2nd place = $4000
3rd place = $3000
4th place = $2000
5th place = $1000
6 - 10th place = $750
11 - 20th place = $500
21 - 50th place = $250
51- 100th place = $100
101-200th place = $50

If you guys help me make the top 5, the 5 members who spend the most in total on me (during contest dates)  will get a FREE pussy play video of yours truly. 

Direct link to my live cam room is also right here ---> click me

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Contest 2015

Hey guys!

I'm participating in a Halloween contest and I'd like your help to win it!

This is how it works:

Contest runs Friday, October 30th 8PM EST. until Saturday, October 31st EST. The more you guys send me GOLD (Gold is a tip), the greater the chances of me winning. One Gold = $1. At the end of the contest, whichever cam model on the site has the most Gold in total wins $1000! Please be aware that gold sent during a gold show does not count. Only Gold sent in my guest room or in my private room during a show.

You can send as much as you like. As low as $1. So that works for those who are on a budget. As always, 5 GOLD = tits OR ass shaking in my guest room.

Visit me here to see me live on cam. For a show in my private room or to send some gold.

I'll be in costume. Maybe even more than one throughout the time I'll be live on cam. As appreciation, everyone who sends $25 Gold or more will receive 3 videos from me for FREE! If you do, make sure to send me a message so I can send you the videos.

If make the top 3 winner's list and you sent $100 Gold or more, your next show with me will be for the lowest price I can offer on the site. $0.99/minute!

This is how the winner's list goes:

1st Place: $1000
2nd Place: $800
3rd Place: $600
4th Place: $400
5th Place: $200
6th-20th Place: $100
21st-100th Place: $50

Looking forward to making this a fun time with you guys for Halloween!

Friday, April 10, 2015

For New Fans

Sometimes I get asked by fans how they can do more. For fans who aren't a member of my fan club yet or signed up for free to chat and play with me online, here's something.

You can sign up for a free account to chat or play with me online in my live cam rooms. I do have two.

The one I'm on cam live most of the time you can sign up using my link

The other I'm on cam live once and in a while but it's where I do my free fan club shows. Must be a member of my fan club to get access to my free fan club shows.) Click here.

If you'd like to join my fan club directly to get access to my free fan club shows as well as all of my content (currently includes over 5100 photos, over 1300 HD photos, over 20 HD video movies, over 1000 replay videos of live cam sessions and over 50 replay videos. Replay videos are vids I post on my fan club site for people to pay to view when I'm not live on cam. Can be anything from pussy play, to toy play to being dominant) Click here.

When you click any of these links and sign up, it helps to give me a bigger percentage. Which in turn, helps to buy new equipment, toys, outfits, lingerie, and more. Thus giving you a better experience all the time.

A big thank you to the fans who've already done these things. You know I always show my appreciation!

*Don't forget, if you like my live shows to give me a 5 star rating after. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stay Hard

This entry is all about my nipples. The fascination many people have with them. If you're unfamiliar with me on cam, I'll get down to it. My nipples stay hard ALL THE TIME. 24/7. No joke. It doesn't matter what my mood is or the temperature. They NEVER go down. They're not extra sensitive cause of it. I call it a medical mystery or sorts.

 It's great for you guys but not always so good for me. When I get a chill or really cold, they hurt. And I mean HURT!!! I've never been pregnant but from what I'm told it's the same feeling women get when they're pregnant and have nipple pains. Thankfully I don't get that pain often. It's great for you guys who have tits or nipples fetishes though. I guess you could say that's one of my specialities when I do shows on cam. 

There's no need to ask me to play with my nips to get them hard. They already are! :)

See more of them and more live on cam or join fan club.